Mission & Values

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide strategic communications counsel and seamless execution to clients facing complex and consequential issues and opportunities. Our best-in-class talent is dedicated to helping our clients protect and enhance their reputations while achieving their business objectives in a multifaceted and ever-changing world.

Our Values: 

Our values guide our behavior, our work and our strategy as a firm. They are the standards to which we hold ourselves accountable.


  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards to promote a diverse and inclusive work environment; to treat every individual with respect and consideration; to uphold the trust and discretion that clients expect from us; and to foster and enforce mutual accountability as we meet these standards.


  • Teamwork is core to how we operate – we work in teams, led by senior executives who take a hands-on approach to managing projects while empowering colleagues at all levels and functions to play a meaningful role and drive successful outcomes.
  • We believe that every employee can contribute to the firm’s progress and growth, regardless of seniority, office or department.


  • Abernathy values and welcomes employees of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and viewpoints, including race, religion, national origin, gender identity and sexual orientation. We believe this diversity contributes meaningfully to the quality of the counsel we provide and enriches the culture of our firm.
  • We are committed to engaging in the hard work and difficult conversations necessary to ensure our policies, procedures and actions are inclusive and give every employee an equal opportunity to grow and thrive at our firm without prejudice.


  • We adhere to the highest ethical standards in everything we do for our clients and with each other, centered on transparency, trust and respect while operating in a manner that builds and protects our clients’ reputations and supports their strategic plans.
  • Our decisions to take certain assignments will be guided by our values and commitment to our integrity.
  • As a firm, we are committed to being productive and engaged members of our society and the world around us. We strive to live up to our values in everything we do, help our clients achieve their purpose and fulfill their missions, encourage a culture of giving and volunteerism among our employees, and minimize any adverse impact our firm has on the environment.
  • We recognize the high degree of confidence and discretion that clients expect from us. We seek to uphold and maintain that trust in every action that we take on their behalf.


  • We are tireless in our pursuit of delivering the highest-quality work, operating with a sense of urgency in moments that require it, and thoughtful introspection in others.
  • Our expectation of ourselves is always extraordinary effort delivered with exceptional quality.

Growth & Development

  • We teach and guide each other, regardless of seniority or function, and we invest heavily in talent and the development of all our people.
  • We commit ourselves to provide every employee with the support they need to succeed personally and professionally through constructive feedback and opportunities for continuous improvement.