How We Work

Our approach is different from that of most public relations firms, and we believe it produces better results. Here are the guiding principles we employ in each of our engagements:

Highly customized:
One size does not fit all: no two situations are ever quite the same. Specific communications plans, proposals and solutions must be crafted based on substantial firsthand knowledge of individual situations. We pride ourselves in getting to know our clients and the specifics of their specific situations and then offering advice that addresses their unique needs. We base our recommendations on research, data, and experience, and we favor straight talk over clichés and spin.

Our goal is always to facilitate the best business outcome for our clients. This could demand an intense, high-profile media campaign or a very public contest with a dissident shareholder and other times might require a more measured approach to public engagement. Communications activities mean nothing if they don’t help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Built for flexibility:
Our small teams are led by senior executives who are very experienced not only with the work required but also in dealing with the multiple parties usually involved. We are a 24/7 operation with senior executives always available, and able to scale teams up or down depending on the level of service the client needs at any given time.

True client partnerships:
Our many longstanding relationships with clients, some of which extend more than 20 years, demonstrate that we view all our assignments as partnerships with both our clients and the other professional advisors whom they may have engaged, including legal, financial and proxy solicitation advisory firms. Our client relationships are the lifeblood of our business and all our efforts are directed towards helping those organizations flourish and achieve their business objectives.

Discretion is our watchword:
We work with clients every day on confidential, sensitive matters that could impact their relationships with investors, consumers, employees and other key stakeholders.