When Deals Spring a Leak

It’s well known in M&A circles that leaks are a fact of life. What isn’t as well known – how many deals leak? How much interest is there in M&A news? In a world where news cycles last minutes not days, what’s the lasting impact of a leak? What about the impact to stakeholder communications?

We released an analysis of North American M&A over the last three years to answer some of these fundamental questions.

Our study looked at North American announced transactions valued at $5 billion and greater to assess the influence that leaks can have on public attention at announcement. We found that more than 40% of all deals examined were leaked in media prior to the company’s announcement. We also found that leaks have significant impacts on media attention.

As corporate reputation rises as critical currency and stakeholders have a louder voice than ever in influencing deals, careful attention must be paid to leak risk and addressing the impact of a leak in announcement communications.

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