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Washington’s Economic Intervention

Washington responded to the COVID-19 pandemic this week with unprecedented government intervention in the economy, ushering in a new reality for businesses large and small.

To Guide or Not to Guide: That is Today’s Question

Should updates be made now? Should guidance be withdrawn entirely? Caveats added? Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have an increasing number of clients thinking through the best approach to outstanding guidance. Senior Vice President Sheila Ennis shares her thoughts.

A World in Flux

Managing Director Liz Sidoti recently shared with Ethical Boardroom her perspective on how independent corporate directors can ensure that they’re providing valuable, well-informed and strategic counsel in today’s interconnected and ever-changing society.

Staying Focused on Business Objectives Amid Campaign-Year Chaos

Trying to make sense of Washington? Don’t let campaign-year chaos distract from core business objectives and concentrate on long-term planning

Hello Brussels, Dublin and Oslo! Global AMO Network Adds New Countries, EU Public Affairs and Blockchain Advisory

The AMO network is expanding to include public affairs capabilities in Brussels and Dublin, a fully integrated communications offering to blockchain clients, and communications advisory services in Norway.