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A World in Flux

Managing Director Liz Sidoti recently shared with Ethical Boardroom her perspective on how independent corporate directors can ensure that they’re providing valuable, well-informed and strategic counsel in today’s interconnected and ever-changing society.

Staying Focused on Business Objectives Amid Campaign-Year Chaos

Trying to make sense of Washington? Don’t let campaign-year chaos distract from core business objectives and concentrate on long-term planning

Hello Brussels, Dublin and Oslo! Global AMO Network Adds New Countries, EU Public Affairs and Blockchain Advisory

The AMO network is expanding to include public affairs capabilities in Brussels and Dublin, a fully integrated communications offering to blockchain clients, and communications advisory services in Norway.

BlackRock’s 2020 Priorities: What Public Companies Need to Do Now

Last week, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink's annual letter to public company CEOs boldly announced BlackRock's increased focus on climate change and sustainability issues, with prescriptive actions the asset manager expects companies to take by year end.

When Deals Spring a Leak

We released an analysis of North American M&A over the last three years to answer some fundamental questions about the impact leaks have on major deal announcements.

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