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Speaking Up in Times of Crisis: Questions to Help Your Company Be Heard and Understood


When companies look to announce unexpected or unpleasant news, to take a position on a controversial or complex issue, or to provide an update on a developing crisis, they may… Read more »

So You’ve Announced a Transaction, Now What?

Announcing the signing of a merger or acquisition culminates weeks or months of intense preparation and planning, and announcement day can naturally feel like the finish line. You’ve conducted your… Read more »

Deploying New Digital Tools Amidst Corporate Legal Battle

By Akeem Anderson and Ian Campbell   In a previous post, we discussed the need to consider digital as part of your overall litigation communications strategy. While each legal situation… Read more »

Mastering Digital Media

By Akeem Anderson and Ian Campbell   The communications environment for litigators, corporate counsel, and corporate communicators has changed radically due to the rise of digital media, heightening pressure on lawyers to win… Read more »

After the de-SPAC

How to avoid becoming an activist target should your public debut not go as smoothly as you hoped