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Let’s Connect: Why Private Equity Leaders Need to Build Their Presence on LinkedIn


In recent years, many top private equity firms have stepped up their social media programs, utilizing LinkedIn as a targeted and effective mechanism to connect and become top of mind… Read more »

Living in a Leaky Cauldron: Internal Communications When Everything is Public

The pandemic, the Great Resignation and the continued evolution of technology have transformed how companies communicate with their employees. Announcements about workforce reductions, remote work policies, and changes in strategy… Read more »

Communicating Automation’s Impact on Businesses

Over the past two years, we have witnessed the dwindling of America’s labor force – a phenomenon many have labeled The Great Resignation or The Great Reshuffle. In 2021, more… Read more »

Social and cultural and political (issues), oh my!

Politicians are drawn to corporate crises like sharks to blood – especially during election season. This year, with candidates likely to seize on anything that could give them an edge… Read more »

Private Equity’s License to Operate Is Under Attack

Private equity’s license to operate is once again under attack, and this time the critics include regulators who have the power to fundamentally change private equity’s model by threatening to… Read more »