Shareholder Activism

Leading companies frequently call upon Abernathy MacGregor to help prepare for and engage with activist shareholders. In an environment that has seen activism increase dramatically, creating a durable and successful shareholder engagement program has become a core concern for corporate boards and management teams. 

Our philosophy is that the best defense is a strong offense, founded on ensuring investors understand and support the company’s strategy. We help our clients launch and support new shareholder engagement programs. Our innovative workshops, in-depth perception studies and unique insights help corporate leaders build enduring relationships with investors.

We also help companies predict possible activist situations, engage constructively with declared activists and maximize their chances of success if activists resort to proxy contests. In a contested situation, our team leads the development of communications materials, including “fight letters” to shareholders. Our deep experience with a broad set of activists provides us with the insight into goals and tactics crucial to shaping an effective defense strategy. At the same time, our relationships with the specialized reporters and advisors who focus on activism and corporate governance help our clients counter increasingly media-savvy activists.