Research, Data, and Insights

Our research team transforms information into insights by using customized primary and secondary research tools and its own unique expertise. From conducting due diligence and unearthing market intelligence to performing around-the-clock real-time monitoring and compiling tailored in-depth analyses of industries, companies and people, research is central to our counsel. This actionable intelligence enables us to stay ahead of the trends and market forces that directly impact our clients’ businesses and their stakeholders.

A sampling of recent work:

  • Creating a customized database across several key COVID-19-related issues with a 24-hour tracking system and statistics generation functionality
  • Arming a legal team with precedent research in support of a successful trademark litigation plan
  • Uncovering reputational vulnerabilities through opposition research
  • Evaluating the impact of traditional and nontraditional media and trading platforms on share price through data visualizations
  • Developing a comprehensive media monitoring and measurement program for a historic merger
  • Keeping clients informed in real time about how competitors and peers are communicating to their stakeholders about ever-evolving social and political issues in 2020