Political Intelligence and Stakeholder Mapping

The environment in Washington and many state capitals is less transparent and more uncertain than at any time in recent history. The complex interplay of digital advocacy, political polarization, legislative redistricting, independent political expenditures, campaign finance, partisan media outlets and new advocacy organizations influences our clients’ regulatory and policy outcomes and affects voter attitudes and behavior.

Clients who successfully participate in and navigate this complex environment require sophisticated, experienced counsel tailored precisely to their discrete business objectives.

Abernathy MacGregor assists clients in this area by offering:

  • Political intelligence and risk assessments– identifying how political interests are likely to influence policy and regulatory outcomes and how a client’s particular interests “fit” against partisan political agendas.
  • Election prediction and analysis – assisting clients in discerning business risks and opportunities related to election outcomes, including changes in political majorities, as well as leadership changes in key committees.
  • Stakeholder mapping and advocacy – identifying national and local third parties and surrogates likely to support or oppose a client’s interests, including the identification of potentially non-traditional allies.
  • Political media relations – helping clients manage media engagement with outlets that have a strong ideological or partisan orientation.
  • Employee advocacy – harnessing the political power of clients’ employees.