Litigation and Regulatory Action

Abernathy MacGregor helps clients leverage communications to achieve their desired outcomes and protect critical value. We develop creative, bespoke strategies for both plaintiffs and defendants to achieve their litigation and business goals—helping them understand when to use offensive versus defensive communications.

We help clients create a litigation story—without the legalese—that resonates with their key audiences, distilling complex business and legal issues into simple concepts that target audiences can understand.

We consider the full range of affected stakeholders and identify the key interests and concerns of each audience. We tailor the core messaging to reflect these nuances and propose the most effective way to reach these key audiences with our messaging.

We support clients across the litigation timeline—before a complaint is filed through the appeals process. Our work includes:

Stepping in before a demand letter is sent or complaint filed—helping to craft the messaging—or developing a strategy to avoid litigation and promote settlement.

Supporting a client throughout the pre-trial process—helping prepare communications to capitalize on or respond to key milestones, including new motions, critical hearings and procedural decisions.

Providing live on-site trial support—managing the news media in the courtroom and refining messaging in real time to reflect trial developments.

Providing ongoing media relations support during the appeals process and helping instill confidence in a client’s legal and business strategy with key stakeholders.

Our approach is proven and effective.

Abernathy MacGregor’s practice supports clients across the full spectrum of litigation needs, including IP litigation, material contract disputes, discrimination allegations and much more. The combination of our experienced professionals, including former practicing attorneys and journalists, and our 30-year track record of advising clients through high-stakes disputes and bet-the-business crises makes us the experts in successfully managing sophisticated situations with critical business implications.

We help our clients tell their story effectively to the audiences that need to hear it.