Crisis Management

Abernathy MacGregor is one of the leading crisis managers in the United States, frequently assisting clients when unplanned circumstances threaten public perception, valuations and even the continued operation of their organizations and businesses. We have worked through crisis situations of every kind, including natural and manmade disasters, data breaches, terrorism and mass shootings, product failures and recalls, social media controversy, sexual harassment, racial or gender discrimination, site contamination, labor actions, fraud and embezzlement, and high profile business or partner disputes. 

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10 Worst Things to Do in a Crisis
(And What to Do Instead)

Successful crisis management can mitigate risk, significantly lessen potential damage to a company’s business and reputation and enable a company to return to normal operations quickly. Through direct engagement with the audiences that matter most, we help clients avoid inadvertently inflating the crisis and instead limit exposure. Our work in a crisis can encompass extensive and careful strategic counsel, message development, media relations and thought leadership. We are adept at working with media under the most difficult circumstances, and when crisis situations demand it, we provide controlled but forceful responses. Insurance providers recognize the value we provide and many include our services as part of their corporate policies.

We advocate a crisis preparedness discipline that involves identifying areas of vulnerability, establishing procedures, training spokespeople and agreeing to broad principles of conduct. We help our clients plan for crises by engaging them in simulations and other exercises to create the muscle memory that is so critical in crisis response. Effective planning and well-thought-out execution can help prevent problems from becoming crises and crises from becoming life-threatening.