Board and C-Suite Advisory Services

Abernathy MacGregor has a long history of directly advising boards of directors (individually or as a whole), CEOs and other C-Suite executives during critical periods and regarding core issues for their companies, such as enterprise risk management, succession matters, sustainability, diversity, compensation and corporate governance. On an ongoing basis, we provide senior leaders with seasoned counsel on how they can use their words and actions to preserve and enhance the reputation of their organizations and themselves.

Today, everyone in the boardroom and the C-Suite is in the spotlight, whether in the media, at a large investor meeting or a one-on-one meeting with a key supplier. Successful leaders move beyond simply presenting to become the best at persuading, mediating and motivating. These are – or at least should be – everyday activities. They are communications-based and vitally important.

We help senior executives and directors develop a full range of communications skills, which includes presentation and media training, but also skills applicable to small groups, boardrooms, one-on-ones and social media – addressing the full range of leadership, problem-solving and relationship-building. These skills can help executives enhance their business activities, build their network of peers and facilitate additional activities such as philanthropic efforts.