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Wake up the Raiders: Considerations for Private Equity Going Activist

As the M&A world converges on New Orleans this week, we thought it was appropriate to offer some thoughts on one of the more interesting emerging trends: the convergence of private equity and shareholder activism. With dry powder rising alongside valuations, private equity firms are taking a close look at their public market peers: shareholder activists. Abernathy's Chuck Dohrenwend and Pat Tucker join Pillsbury's Steve Amdur and Jarrod Murphy to examine the key risks for private equity leaders embracing the activist playbook and how to pursue this new strategy effectively.

Buybacks: Communications Considerations in the Current Environment

A recent proposal regarding corporate stock buybacks has reframed what has historically been viewed as a purely economic decision to more of a social issue, and corporate leaders and communicators may now need to grapple with the social repercussions of the financial decisions they make for capital allocation.

Salon Dinner Recap: “Corporate Disasters: Can’t These People Get Anything Right?” – An evening with Bethany McLean

We recently hosted business journalist and author Bethany McLean in our latest Salon Dinner. Read a recap of this informal and interactive discussion among C-suite executives and other business leaders.

Advocacy v. Leadership

While thought leadership is a hot topic today, for many CEOs better value lies in thought advocacy, adopting breakthrough ideas and getting them attention and approval in the public marketplace and in the corridors of power. Read more about how to effectively facilitate these opportunities.

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