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The Global Pandemic Calls on Companies to Communicate. But How, When and How Often?

The new normal has presented both opportunities and challenges - especially when communicating with stakeholders via virtual channels. Here’s what we have observed thus far.

The Hidden Challenge of Virtual ASMs

What should board directors, management teams and corporate secretaries consider so they're not caught flat-footed if their once quiet in-person ASM becomes a crowded online affair?

Hostile Takeovers in a Hostile World

The global crisis caused by COVID-19 has curtailed many activities and industries around the world. Among sectors of the economy coming to a screeching halt is mergers & acquisitions. Economic disruption and volatility of the stock market, however, often create an environment in which certain kinds of M&A prosper as the economy finds its footing again.

COVID-19 Thoughts from CEO Tom Johnson

At Abernathy MacGregor our priorities center on the safety of our loved ones, the protection of our colleagues, the importance of public health and our partnership with our clients.

BlackRock’s 2020 Priorities: What Public Companies Need to Do Now

Last week, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink's annual letter to public company CEOs boldly announced BlackRock's increased focus on climate change and sustainability issues, with prescriptive actions the asset manager expects companies to take by year end.