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So You’ve Announced a Transaction, Now What?

Announcing the signing of a merger or acquisition culminates weeks or months of intense preparation and planning, and announcement day can naturally feel like the finish line. You’ve conducted your… Read more »

A Closer Look: What the FTC/DOJ Review of Merger Guidelines Means for Transaction Communications

Greater regulatory scrutiny and uncertainty has the potential to chill M&A prospects. Companies that think strategically about communications planning, messaging and stakeholder engagement, can help prevent their deals from freezing.

The Spooky Reality of SPAC Transactions

Ahead of Halloween weekend, we are sharing a snapshot of how often SPAC transactions are reported on prior to announcement day.

The Next Threat to M&A: Employee Activism

The rising influence of employee activism is on a path to collide with one of the critical corporate actions any company takes: transactions.

ESG in M&A: From Afterthought to Central Focus

How do ESG considerations factor into M&A? Managing Director Pat Tucker and Senior Vice President Jake Yanulis recently shared three things to keep in mind for future deal-making with Corporate Board Member.