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Deploying New Digital Tools Amidst Corporate Legal Battle

By Akeem Anderson and Ian Campbell   In a previous post, we discussed the need to consider digital as part of your overall litigation communications strategy. While each legal situation… Read more »

Mastering Digital Media

By Akeem Anderson and Ian Campbell   The communications environment for litigators, corporate counsel, and corporate communicators has changed radically due to the rise of digital media, heightening pressure on lawyers to win… Read more »

Don’t Leave Your Corporate Reputation in the Hands of Congress

Pandemic-related liability protections currently under consideration in Congress as part of the next potential coronavirus relief bill could reduce certain types of litigation risk, but legislation alone cannot address the effects of damaging legal allegations at a time of heightened public scrutiny.

COVID in the Courtroom: Litigation Communications during the Pandemic

In this fraught environment, strategic communications are more critical than ever to reducing an organization’s risk of liability and reputational damage.

Salon Dinner Recap: “Corporate Disasters: Can’t These People Get Anything Right?” – An evening with Bethany McLean

We recently hosted business journalist and author Bethany McLean in our latest Salon Dinner. Read a recap of this informal and interactive discussion among C-suite executives and other business leaders.