Salon Dinner Recap: ‘What You Should Know About the CEO’ with Marc Feigen

Abernathy MacGregor was pleased to present Marc Feigen as a distinguished guest and speaker in its most recent Salon Dinner Series event. Dubbed the “CEO Whisperer” by Fortune Magazine, Marc has advised some of the world’s leading Chief Executives including Bob Iger at Disney, Mark Fields at Ford, Fabrizio Freda at Estee Lauder and Chris Swift at The Hartford, among many others. Over a modern Italian meal in Beverly Hills, Marc led an informal and interactive discussion among CEOs, board members, general counsels, heads of investor relations and corporate communications, and senior partners from leading law firms and consultancies.

Marc shared his insights into how boards can better select and guide CEOs, how CEOs can take their leadership to the next level, how aspiring CEOs can best position themselves, and what those who report to or advise CEOs should know about how chief executives think and operate. He also shed light on emerging trends in CEO selection and evaluation, as corporate boards place increasing emphasis on new skills and competencies (most particularly in technology). Some of the evening’s most robust conversations concerned company culture, average age, appropriate tenure and the importance of succession planning.

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