Hello Brussels, Dublin and Oslo! Global AMO Network Adds New Countries, EU Public Affairs and Blockchain Advisory

The AMO network, of which Abernathy MacGregor is a founding member, is expanding to include public affairs capabilities in Brussels and Dublin, a fully integrated communications offering to blockchain clients, and communications advisory services in Norway.

Public Affairs: The newest member of the AMO network is Cicero/AMO, a full-service communications and market research agency, specializing in corporate PR, public affairs, market research and digital communications across all major business sectors, with offices in London, Brussels and Dublin. Cicero/AMO will work closely alongside London-based Maitland/AMO, to provide comprehensive strategic advice covering public affairs, corporate communications, research and campaigns, investor relations and media relations in the UK and EU. This is part of a broad strategic move to develop AMO capability in public affairs and policy, as governments around the world are becoming more interventionist in corporate affairs, particularly around M&A and governance. Last year, we expanded our own capabilities in public affairs, with the opening of an office in Washington, D.C., led by veteran public affairs experts.

Blockchain Advisory: Swiss AMO partner Hirzel.Neef.Schmid.Counselors has joined with Havas Group to launch a partnership that offers strategic communications advice and international reach for blockchain/crypto clients in Switzerland and around the world. The partnership, Blockchain Switzerland/AMO, will expand our access to a fully integrated communications offering that supports blockchain tech businesses and entrepreneurs.

Norway: Our network has also expanded to Norway, with the addition of Oslo-based First House as an associate member. Founded in 2010, First House offers a range of services in crisis preparation and management, political consulting, financial communications, management and internal communications, policy and reputation consulting, and interim management placement.

Our network now covers 16 countries and Hong Kong. As 2020 unfolds, AMO will continue to expand and adapt to ensure that we can provide clients around the globe with best-in-class communications advice and counsel in the practice areas that matter most.

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