Dinner with Stan Druckenmiller

Together with our AMO partner firms we recently hosted a dinner conversation in New York with noted investor and philanthropist Stan Druckenmiller. Before a packed room of clients and friends, Abernathy MacGregor President Carina Davidson and Mr. Druckenmiller discussed the unsettled global markets in the age of President Trump.

Mr. Druckenmiller, who is a long-standing Abernathy MacGregor client, offered his candid observations on a range of topics, including the European Union, activist investors, tech giants Amazon and Tencent, and the Trump administration’s trade policies and actions. He also talked about the long-term viability of the U.S. dollar’s status as the world’s de facto reserve currency and the implications for the world of America’s retreat from the world stage. Importantly, Mr. Druckenmiller also highlighted the vital role that charitable engagement can play in empowering young people to develop and reach their full potential in life.

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