Don’t Leave Your Corporate Reputation in the Hands of Congress

Pandemic-related liability protections currently under consideration in Congress as part of the next potential coronavirus relief bill could reduce certain types of litigation risk, but legislation alone cannot address the effects of damaging legal allegations at a time of heightened public scrutiny.

Key Takeaways: “SPAC to the Future: A conversation on seller considerations for the new era of SPACs”

We recently hosted a webinar entitled, “SPAC to the Future: A conversation on seller considerations for the new era of SPACs." Continue reading for key insights from our conversation with experts from Freshfields, J.P. Morgan and Morrow Sodali.

The Bankruptcy Rumor Mill is Getting More Damaging

Being prepared for a range of scenarios can help preserve the value of your business during a trying time by giving employees, customers and vendors the confidence needed to maintain their crucial support.

Beyond the VP Pick – 5 Things Companies Need to Prepare for Heading into the 2020 Elections

We have identified five “below the radar” variables for companies to consider that will influence politics, policymaking and advocacy in 2021.

Taking the Reins During a Bumpy Ride

The current global environment is potentially the hardest time a new executive will ever have to manage. We've compiled a few of the guiding principles we are advising the incoming CEOs of our clients to consider on day one as they start their new roles amidst a global crisis.