Business & Politics: Navigating Uncertainty During the 2020 Campaign

Washington and Wall Street have arguably never had as much influence over each other since the decade following the Great Recession. Amid that dynamic, making sense of the unpredictable and contentious political year ahead and its possible business implications, can be enough to cause even the most seasoned C-Suite executives to toss up their hands and shake their heads. Indeed, the stakes in the next election are high for corporations in ways we’re only just now starting to understand as the Democratic presidential primary fight plays out in the shadow of an impeachment inquiry.

Below you can view our panel discussion featuring professionals who work at the nexus of business and politics. We explored what corporations need to watch for over the next year as well as the increasing challenges C-Suite executives face as they navigate the uncertainty from Washington to Wall Street and rapidly changing expectations among shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

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