/amo Values Most Valued 2022

Today the /amo network, a leading global organization of strategic communications advisors of which Abernathy MacGregor is a founding member, released its global “Values Most Valued” survey. This annual review of corporate values highlights a growing emphasis on innovation, creativity and a greater respect for stakeholders among the world’s largest listed companies.

By looking at annual reports published last year and this year, the resulting survey captured a total of almost 2,300 individual corporate values with an average of 4.3 values per company.

The survey examined annual reports and websites of 455 listed companies across 19 markets to find:

  • “Innovation” is now the most frequently cited corporate value globally
  • Sharp increase in values citing customers and employees
  • Respect for science and for long-term & global thinking is also up

Follow the link below to learn more and access the full report.

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